How does Jen see PASS goals?

Goal 1: Form a more cohesive group for the BA community

This goal would benefit the PASS community by helping to formulate, support and grow the BA community in its early, formative stages when it needs particular direction. PASS can be the enabler of this community, which traditionally has been difficult to reach.

Goal 2: Form a platform for people to understand cloud and Big Data technologies better

SQL Server is diversifying into cloud and ‘Big Data’ technologies, and this necessarily involves a huge shift in the required skill set for SQL Server professionals who embrace the change. PASS are well-placed to support the community of traditional on-premise SQL Server specialists who need to extend or transition their knowledge to cloud technologies. Further, as PASS have the opportunities to reach out globally to new cloud and Big Data technologists who interact with SQL Server but for whom, SQL Server may not be their core skill – the ‘Accidental DBA’

Goal 3: Support the PASS community globally via embracing diversity

PASS can continue the efforts that have taken place in Europe, which have focused on reaching out to minority groups in technology, mainly Women in Technology.

What strategic decision-making has Jen been involved with, to date?

In her role as joint owner of a small consultancy, Jen is directly responsible for the strategy and decision-making of the organisation, and executing on the basis of the agreed strategy.

Jen is also a believer in getting people on board, and feeling that they have ownership of their activities and that they are actively contributing.  Part of this is the old adage of ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’.

Jen also believes that the hard decisions are the worthwhile decisions, in the long run. This may involve the brave step of ‘fail fast’ – in other words, if something is clearly not working, it is important to conserve resources for the way forward.





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